Hazard: Bingo

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The activities proposed here can be done with any song. The song chosen here is “HAZARD”.

OPTION 1: Bingo & Guessing – Select twelve to fourteen words from the song and make a list from which students will choose 9. They write them down in a grid and listen to the song. Every time they hear a word, they cross it out. The winner is the student who crosses out three words in a row. After that, they guess what the song is about, based on the words they have in the grid. Finally, they watch the video of the song and find out.

OPTION 2: Bingo & Illustration – Students receive a grid with 9 words from the song. They use the words to write a short story of their own. After that, they share their stories. Then, they listen to the song and cross out the words they hear. The winner is the first student to cross out three words in a row. After that, they compare the two stories and say which one they like better, theirs or the author´s. Finally, they illustrate the song.


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