It´s no secret to us all that music is a powerful thing, more than that, it is a very effective learning tool. However, teachers resist using it in class because they think all they can do is FILL-IN-THE-BLANK activities, which tend to become dull after some time. Actually, song activities can go beyond that and that´s what this blog is about. Besides fill-in-the-blank activities, you will find a lot more.

Having in mind that music is such a powerful learning tool and after getting very positive feedback in the classroom during song activities I had designed, I came up with the idea of the blog with the collaboration of two dear friends and colleagues, Fernanda Barboza and Jorge Alexandre. During the activities, students felt motivated and truly engaged. They also felt good about themselves for being able to understand and perform the tasks proposed. Song activities spice up classes and keep students attentive and participatory. So, let us give music a try, shall we?


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