Hazard: Fill In The Blanks

Age: Older Teens& Adults

For the song “HAZARD”, students first guess what the song is about by taking a short quiz. Then, they are introduced to the vocabulary and after that, they listen to the song and fill in the blanks with words that rhyme the ones that appear in bold. After that, based on the lyrics, they share what they think the song is about and finally, they watch the video of the song to check.


Fix You

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The task suggested for the song “FIX YOU” is the following: First, students say what they may know about the band. Then, they guess what goes in 9 blanks. After that, they listen to the song and check. Finally, with the help of I-pads (provided by the teacher), they google their favorite song, copy and paste it to an editing document and delete five to ten easy words for their peers to guess.



Age: Adults

The song “PHOTOGRAPH” is good to wrap up a lesson on Relative Causes or Inferring Meaning. First, students take a quiz and share their answers with a peer. Then, they fill in the blanks with suitable words. After that, they listen to the song and check whether they are right about the words they used. Next, they reflect on the relationship described in it and guess what kind of relationship that is. In the end, they find at least 5 relative clauses in it and personalize them.