Hot n’Cold

Age: Older Teens and Adults

The song “HOT N’COLD” allows us to focus on using adjectives to describe people´s personalities. First, students are asked to draw a few adjectives as a way to show how familiar they are with them. Then, they listen to the song and find examples of opposites in the lyrics. They are also supposed to infer adjectives that are not in the lyrics. In the end, they say whether they have met people with mood swings.

Hazard: Simple Past 2

Age: Older Teens & Adults

Here is another possible way to work with the song “HAZARD”. First, students work on the Simple Past of a few verbs which happen to be in the lyrics and share them with a peer. Then, they listen to the song and fill in the blanks provided with the same verbs. After that, based on the lyrics, they guess what it is about and finally watch the video of the song to check whether they were right.


Age: Older Teens and Adults

For the song “22”, you can first engage students into talking about their future by using “will” for predictions. Then, they will listen to the song and read the lyrics and, based on those lyrics, they will guess the meaning of a few words and phrases provided. After that, they will predict what will happen to the character in the song and share their predictions with a peer.


All Night

Age: Teens

Will for predictions and promises can be practiced with the help of the song “ALL NIGHT”. First, students guess the name of the band by reading a quote from the song. Then, They are introduced to the vocabulary necessary to understand the song. After that, they listen to the song and read its lyrics to find examples of WILL for prediction and promises. Finally, they write sentences about themselves using the structure suggested.


Age: Adults

The song “HELP” is an opportunity for students to practice describing personalities. First, they say what kind of personality they think the performer has. Then, they listen to the song and find out its name. After that, and based on the lyrics, they say what the author was like in the past and what he is like now. Finally, they surf the net to find out who the author is.

I Wish I Could Fly

Age: Adults

The song “I WISH I COULD FLY” can be used to practice I Wish + Past Forms. First, students complete a sentence provided by the teacher and share it with a peer. Then, they listen to the song and guess what the author wishes she could do. After that, they read the lyrics and check comprehension with the help of the slides provided. Finally, they practice the structure by writing sentences about themselves.

All Bymyself

Age: Adults

The activity proposed for the song “ALL BYMYSELF” is the following: First, as a way of reviewing the Reported Speech, students say who they met before class, what they told them and what they were told. After that, they read the short explanation on Reported Speech. Then, they listen to the song and underline the verbs. Finally, they change the lyrics into the Reported Speech.