Hot n’Cold

Age: Older Teens and Adults

The song “HOT N’COLD” allows us to focus on using adjectives to describe people´s personalities. First, students are asked to draw a few adjectives as a way to show how familiar they are with them. Then, they listen to the song and find examples of opposites in the lyrics. They are also supposed to infer adjectives that are not in the lyrics. In the end, they say whether they have met people with mood swings.



Age: Adults

The song “HELP” is an opportunity for students to practice describing personalities. First, they say what kind of personality they think the performer has. Then, they listen to the song and find out its name. After that, and based on the lyrics, they say what the author was like in the past and what he is like now. Finally, they surf the net to find out who the author is.

Sweet Child Of Mine

Age: Adult Beginners

The topic chosen to be focused on for the song “SWEET CHILD OF MINE” is Parts Of Speech. First, students listen to the song intro and guess which song this is. An adult group will guess it right away. Then, they talk for some minutes on what they know about the band. In case they don´t know much, allow them to google it and then share it in pars. After that, they listen to the song and categorize the ords in bold as Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs. In the end, they put the same words on a reference chart.

You´ve got what it takes

Age: Adults

The song “YOU´VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES” is about Relationships and students will have the opportunity to use It takes…. First, they match columns to understand and practice the structure. Then, they practice again saying what they think it takes to have a happy relationship. After that, they listen to the song and find out what the author thinks. Next, they read an article about the topic on Reader´s Digest and finally, they write sentences using the structure.

Return to Me

Age: Adults

The song “RETURN TO ME” is great to practice Subject, Object, Adjective and Possessive pronouns. After having had some practice with the pronouns, students first share what they might know about the singer. Then, they listen to the song and classify the pronouns into 4: Subject, Object, Adjective and Possessive. After that, they fill in a chart for future reference.

Super Woman 1

Age: Adults

The song “SUPER WOMAN” is about the working woman, which is a great topic to reflect upon and discuss. The task proposed here is change the person in the song to practice subject, object and possessive pronouns. First, students are introduced to the vocabulary needed to understand the song. Then, they guess about the singer based on a few pieces of information. After that, students listen to the song and find out who the author is singing to. Finally, they change the person in the lyrics.

At Last

Age: Adults

The song “AT LAST” is used here to practice Parts of Speech. First, students work on a matching activity and check the use of nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then, they use words provided to fill in the blanks for a song. After that, they listen to the song and check whether they were right or wrong. They go over the words and check their function. Finally, they can search on some lyrics online and check the use of the words.

Heal The World

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The song “HEAL THE WORLD” is used here to engage students into a discussion on world issues. First, students watch the video of the song and guess what it is about. Then, they are introduced to the vocabulary needed to understand the lyrics. After that, they listen to the song again and read the lyrics to check comprehension. Finally, they write a letter to their children telling them what kind of people they expect their children to be when they grow up.

The other option for the song is to focus on the verb THERE TOBE.