Narrative Writing

Age: Adults

The song “DON´T YOU REMEMBER?” can be used humorously to talk about the students’ memory. First, they talk about past memories such as their first kiss, their first driving lesson, etc… After that, they listen to the song and find out whether the author has a good or a bad memory. Finally, they engage into a writing task.


Age: Older Teens & Adults

Assuming the students have practiced Relative Pronouns/Clauses long enough, the teacher can show them the song “THE AIR THAT I BREATHE”. First, students answer a quiz about the band. Next, they listen to the song and identify the relative clauses in it. Finally, they write a paragraph using relative clauses.

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The song “HAZARD” can be used here to engage students into a Narrative Writing task. First, they are introduced to some vocabulary. Then, they listen to the song (and watch the video) and discuss what may have happened to the girl. When the video ends, all we know is that she was killed but we don’t know who did it. All is left for us is speculate and make assumptions. However, students will write a narrative with an introduction, a development and an end to the story, revealing who killed the girl. In the end, you can collect all the stories and put them together to make a digital book. You can also have a contest and award the best story.

Age: Teens

The activities proposed for the song “PASS ME BY” are the ones below:

OPTION: The activity suggested here relies entirely on the video, therefore the lyrics are not found here. It comes down to a writing activity which goes like this: First, students will engage into a conversation about their friends and the activities they usually do together. After that, they watch the video (with no sound) and answer some questions provided by the teacher. Finally, they write about a trip they took with their peeps.

OPTION 2: Students put some biographical information together and talk about the band. Then, they are introduced to the vocabulary necessary to understand the lyrics. After that, they listen to the song and put it in the order they hear them. Finally, they write down the new words and their definitions.

Age: Older Teens & Adults

Students must have practiced the past form of ther verbs before this activity. For the song “COME FLY WITH ME”, first they guess the answers the teacher would give for a travel quiz. Then, they share their own answers in pairs. After that, they listen to the song and find out where the author traveled to. Finally, they write about a trip they took.

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The song “BYE BYE” is used here to practice Simple Past, Would and Used To for past memories and past habits. First, students share in pairs information on things they used to do as children (a game they used to play, a food they used to eat, a cartoon they used to watch, etc). After that, they listen to the song and find out about things the author and her late father used to do. Finally, they write about one past memory of theirs using the structure.

Age: Older teens & Adults

The activity suggested for the song “WHEN I WAS A BOY” is a guided writing task. First, students write three sentences about their childhood. Then, they listen to the song and find out about the author´s childhood. After that, they review the use of Simple Past, Used To and Would to talk about past habits and write sentences about the author. Finally they write a paragraph about their childhood using the structure suggested.


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