Age: Older Teens and Adults

For the song “22”, you can first engage students into talking about their future by using “will” for predictions. Then, they will listen to the song and read the lyrics and, based on those lyrics, they will guess the meaning of a few words and phrases provided. After that, they will predict what will happen to the character in the song and share their predictions with a peer.




Age: Teens

The song “SMILE” gives students an opportunity to practice on synonyms. First, they will check items on a list and share with their peers what things they have done to make a friend smile. Then, they listen to the song and find what´s different. There are 10 synonyms for words and phrases in the song.) After that, students write them down and in the end, they google another song of their choice and replace words and phrases for synonyms. Finally, they share their songs with their peers.


All Night

Age: Teens

Will for predictions and promises can be practiced with the help of the song “ALL NIGHT”. First, students guess the name of the band by reading a quote from the song. Then, They are introduced to the vocabulary necessary to understand the song. After that, they listen to the song and read its lyrics to find examples of WILL for prediction and promises. Finally, they write sentences about themselves using the structure suggested.

Chasing Cars

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The song “CHASING CARS” is great to encourage students to use their imagination. The activity proposed here is the following: First, students use biographical fragments of information provided by the teacher to talk about the band. Then, they listen to the song and find 10 things that don´t belong in the lyrics. After that, they write their own version of the song and share it with their peers.


Everybody Is Changing

The activities proposed for the song “EVERYBODY IS CHANGING” are the following: First, students talk a little bit about the band, based on some pieces of information provided by the teacher. Then, they listen to the song and find 5 mistakes in it. After that, they list the new words in order of difficulty and write their definitions with the help of a dictionary or their cellphones.

Fuck You

Age: Adults

The song “FUCK YOU” allows us to work on vocabulary practice and inferring meaning. First, students are asked what reasons motivate song writes to write. After they share their opinion, they listen to the song and guess what made the author write this particular song. Then, they work on a vocabulary comprehension task and finally, they personalize it.


7 Years

Age: Adults

A suggestion to engage students into a discussion on Life Achievements is the song “SEVEN YEARS”. First, students guess what stages a man´s life has. Then, they are provided with a link to find the answer. After that, they listen to the song and try to identify those stages in the lyrics. Finally, they share their accomplishments with their peers.

All Of Me

Age: Older Teens & Adults


For the song “ALL OF ME”, the activities proposed are vocabulary practice and listening for detail. First, students listen to the song intro and guess its name. Then, they listen to the entire song and find the words that don´t belong to the lyrics. After that, they work on a vocabulary task. In the end, they write sentences about themselves using the vocabulary learned.