Age: Older Teens & Adults

This is a simple activity for the song “NEXT YEAR”. Assuming students have learned  the past of the verbs, provide them with information about the band to be put together. After they discuss (with the assistance of the teacher) they make a short presentation. After that, they guess the name of the band. Then, they listen to the song and put the lyrics in the correct order. Finally, they discuss the possible meaning of the song. This is a good opportunity to use Modals of Speculation (The author may be talking about… / This could be about…etc. ) They could also use Possibly, Definitely and Probably. 

Age: Teens

The activities proposed for the song “PASS ME BY” are the ones below:

OPTION 1: The activity suggested here relies entirely on the video, therefore the lyrics are not found here. It comes down to a writing activity which goes like this: First, students will engage into a conversation about their friends and the activities they usually do together. After that, they watch the video (with no sound) and answer some questions provided by the teacher. Finally, they write about a trip they took with their peeps.

OPTION 2: Students put some biographical information together and talk about the band. Then, they are introduced to the vocabulary necessary to understand the lyrics. After that, they listen to the song and put it in the order they hear them. Finally, they write down the new words and their definitions.

Age: Adults

For the song “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”, students will first combine fragments of information in order to guess and talk about the band. Then, arranged in small  groups, they will be provided with pieces of the song to be put in order. After that, they will listen to the song and check whether their sequence is correct. They will also have to guess the name of the song after that and finally, they will share what they think about the song.