Age: Teens & Adults

The song “SUPER POP” has Second Conditionals all over it. First, students guess what the teacher would be if she/he was a car, a drink, a celebrity, a song, a writer, a painter, etc… Then, they take notes and share what they would be. After that, they listen to the song and compare their notes to it. Finally, they sing the song using their notes.

 Age: Teens & Adults

The song “RUDE” doesn´t have the First Conditional but can be used for that purpose, so you can show students the slide with the lyrics but you don´t necessarily need photocopies (unless they insist on having them). The activity is supposed to be assigned after students have practiced the structure long enough, so that they perform the task well (remember it´s supposed to be a wrap-up activity). The goal is a speaking/writing task using the structure. First, they are supposed to respond to a question that happens to be in the lyrics. Then, they listen to the song and check what the response in the lyrics is. After that,  they role-play a situation proposed by the teacher and finally, they write sentences using the structure learned.

 Age: Older Teens & Adults

With the song “IN THE GHETTO”, students can practice the third conditionals to talk about issues such as poverty and violence. First, they guess what the song is about based on a few pictures and words. Then, they listen to the song and order the events chronologically. After that, they work on a grammar activity using the third conditionals. Finally, they discuss the topic and role play a situation proposed by the teacher.

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The tasks for the song “LOCKED AWAY” couldn´t be  more simple than this! First, students complete a sentence using personal information and share it with a peer. Then, they listen to the song and underline the structure. After that, they write a letter of reply.


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