Phrasal Verbs

Age: Older Teens & Adults

You can practice Phrasal Verbs with the song “I GOTTA FEELING”. First, students read a quote from the song and guess its name. Then, they listen to the song and underline all the phrasal verbs. After that, they are introduced to some vocabulary necessary to understand the song. Finally, they look up their meaning.

Age: Adults

The song “ANIMALS” can be used to review Metaphors, Analogies and Similes. There are also Phrasal Verbs in it, so it´s up to you what to focus on. My suggestion for this song is the following: First, students google and find a definition for metaphor, analogy and simile. After they understand the difference among the three, they listen to the song and try to identify in the lyrics at least one of them. After that, they say whether they think the song has a positive or a negative message and explain why. Finally, they read an article on the song and check whether they see eye to eye.