Age: Adults

The song “DOWNTOWN” is appropriate in case students are learning to talk about places by using the verb There To Be. First, students share in pairs where they live and whether they like it. Then, they listen to the song and find out whether the author likes downtown or not. After that, they get arranged in two groups, in which Group A will discuss and write down the advantages and Group B will discuss and write down the disadvantages of living downtown. When they finish, they share their opinion and finally write about their neighborhood.


Super Woman 2

Age: Adults

The activity that follows has been designed for the songs “SUPER WOMAN”, one by Alicia Keys and the other by Karyn White. First, students list qualities they think a super woman has. Then, they share them in pairs. After that, they listen to the song and compare the two women. Finally, they say which one they think is a REAL super woman and why.