Man In The Mirror

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The song “MAN IN THE MIRROR” is another great song which allows students to engage into a discussion on our role in the world. My suggestion is: First, students share what they know about the singer (he´s not the author of this song) and what they think about his music. Then, they listen to the song and read the lyrics in order to find out who the “man in the mirror” is. Next, they work on the vocabulary by matching the words and phrases provided with their definitions. Finally, they write a reflective paragraph about what they think the message in the song is.



Brothers In Arms

Age: Adults

The song “BROTHERS IN ARMS” gives room for reflection. The goal is engage students into writing. First, they read words taken from the lyrics and guess what the song is about. Then, they guess where those words go in the lyrics and listen to the song in order to check whether they are right. After that, they reflect and discuss what they think the last line in the lyrics means. Finally, they write a letter of reply.


Age: Older Teens and Adults

For the song “22”, you can first engage students into talking about their future by using “will” for predictions. Then, they will listen to the song and read the lyrics and, based on those lyrics, they will guess the meaning of a few words and phrases provided. After that, they will predict what will happen to the character in the song and share their predictions with a peer.


Fuck You

Age: Adults

The song “FUCK YOU” allows us to work on vocabulary practice and inferring meaning. First, students are asked what reasons motivate song writes to write. After they share their opinion, they listen to the song and guess what made the author write this particular song. Then, they work on a vocabulary comprehension task and finally, they personalize it.



Age: Adults

The activity proposed for the song “REHAB” is the same proposed for the song “SOBER” and it allows students to talk about Bad Habits. First, they guess the name of the song. Then, they listen to the song and find out which bad habit she has and how she feels about it. After that, they talk about which bad habits they have and how hard it is for them to kick them.


Age: Older Teens & Adults

The activity for the song “FOCUS” is the same proposed for the song “SHAKE IT OFF”. First, students guess who the singer is based on a few clues provided by the teacher. Then, they listen to the song and find out its name  and how she deals with criticism. Finally, they say how they react to criticism in general.

Ain´t that a kick in the head

Age: Adults

“AIN´T THAT A KICK IN THE HEAD” is an oldie, so it´s best if you play it for adults only. The ultimate goal here is have students infer meaning from the lyrics, based on some vocabulary. First, they tell each other what they may know about three specific singers. Then, they listen to the song and guess which of the three sings the song. After that, based on the lyrics, they choose the correct option for three items provided by the teacher.


Say (What You Need To Say)

Age: Adults

The song “SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY” allows us to practice Wishes & Regrets, Modals of Advice and Would Like. First, students say what they know about the author. Then, they are told that the song they are about to listen to was written for a film. They watch the video of the song and guess what the film is about. Finally, they write a Bucket List and share them with their peers.

Raise Your Glass

Age: Older Teens

The activity proposed for the song “RAISE YOUR GLASS” is a Bingo activity. First, students are introduced to the vocabulary necessary to understand the lyrics, which is in the form of a matching task. They are supposed to match the words/phrases and their definitions. After that, they select nine of those words/phrases and write them in a grid provided by the teacher. They play Bingo and finally they read the lyrics to find out who the author is singing to, which may lead to some discussion. In the end, they say what they think about the song.