I Can´t Forget About You

Age: Teens

The song “I CAN’T FORGET ABOUT YOU” is an opportunity for students to talk about music. First, they share what they know about the band and the kind of music they like or don´t. Then, they fill in the blanks with words they think are suitable. After that, they listen to the song and check whether they are right.  Finally, they illustrate the song and have the illustrations made into an animation.


Living On A Prayer

Age: Teens & Adults

The song “LIVING ON A PRAYER” is about the Simple Present, although it also focuses on the vocabulary. First, students talk in pairs about their musical taste. Then, they are introduced to the vocabulary. This presentation will enable them to understand the lyrics, which is about a couple struggling to make ends meet. After that, they listen to the song and identify the vocabulary learned. In the end, they play the Candy Game to practice questions and answers. This song is also great if the topic of the lesson you´re teaching is Money.