Hot n’Cold

Age: Older Teens and Adults

The song “HOT N’COLD” allows us to focus on using adjectives to describe people´s personalities. First, students are asked to draw a few adjectives as a way to show how familiar they are with them. Then, they listen to the song and find examples of opposites in the lyrics. They are also supposed to infer adjectives that are not in the lyrics. In the end, they say whether they have met people with mood swings.


Hazard: Find The Mistakes

Age: Older Teens & Adults

This activity can be done with any song. All you have to do is replace 10 of the words in the song for synonyms, opposites or any other word. For the song “HAZARD”, students first guess what the song is about based on a quote provided by the teacher. They share their opinion with a peer and then, they listen to the song and find out whether they were right. They will also notice that the lyrics and the audio are different. They will listen again and find the differences. In the end, they could watch the video of the song and see whether they are right  or not.