Return to Me

Age: Adults

The song “RETURN TO ME” is great to practice Subject, Object, Adjective and Possessive pronouns. After having had some practice with the pronouns, students first share what they might know about the singer. Then, they listen to the song and classify the pronouns into 4: Subject, Object, Adjective and Possessive. After that, they fill in a chart for future reference.


Thank You For Loving Me

Age: Adults

“THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME” is a chance for students to Subject and Object Pronouns. First, they talk about their favorite song, band or kind of music. Then, they listen to the song and identify the pronouns. After that, they write a thank you note to someone they know.

Super Woman 1

Age: Adults

The song “SUPER WOMAN” is about the working woman, which is a great topic to reflect upon and discuss. The task proposed here is change the person in the song to practice subject, object and possessive pronouns. First, students are introduced to the vocabulary needed to understand the song. Then, they guess about the singer based on a few pieces of information. After that, students listen to the song and find out who the author is singing to. Finally, they change the person in the lyrics.