Hazard: Simple Past 2

Age: Older Teens & Adults

Here is another possible way to work with the song “HAZARD”. First, students work on the Simple Past of a few verbs which happen to be in the lyrics and share them with a peer. Then, they listen to the song and fill in the blanks provided with the same verbs. After that, based on the lyrics, they guess what it is about and finally watch the video of the song to check whether they were right.


Hazard: Creative Writing

Age: Older Teens & Adults

Creative Writing is also something that can be done with the song “HAZARD” . First, assuming students have learned and practiced the past form of the verbs for some time, students write the past of verbs present in the lyrics. After that, they write a short story of their own using the same verbs. After sharing their stories, they listen to the song and fill in the blanks. To wrap the activity up, they say what they think the song is about and watch the video, so they can check whether they were right.