Brothers In Arms

Age: Adults

The song “BROTHERS IN ARMS” gives room for reflection. The goal is engage students into writing. First, they read words taken from the lyrics and guess what the song is about. Then, they guess where those words go in the lyrics and listen to the song in order to check whether they are right. After that, they reflect and discuss what they think the last line in the lyrics means. Finally, they write a letter of reply.


When I Was A Boy

Age: Older teens & Adults

The activity suggested for the song “WHEN I WAS A BOY” is a guided writing task. First, students write three sentences about their childhood. Then, they listen to the song and find out about the author´s childhood. After that, they review the use of Simple Past, Used To and Would to talk about past habits and write sentences about the author. Finally they write a paragraph about their childhood using the structure suggested.

Hazard: Bingo

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The activities proposed here can be done with any song. The song chosen here is “HAZARD”.

OPTION 1: Bingo & Guessing – Select twelve to fourteen words from the song and make a list from which students will choose 9. They write them down in a grid and listen to the song. Every time they hear a word, they cross it out. The winner is the student who crosses out three words in a row. After that, they guess what the song is about, based on the words they have in the grid. Finally, they watch the video of the song and find out.

OPTION 2: Bingo & Illustration – Students receive a grid with 9 words from the song. They use the words to write a short story of their own. After that, they share their stories. Then, they listen to the song and cross out the words they hear. The winner is the first student to cross out three words in a row. After that, they compare the two stories and say which one they like better, theirs or the author´s. Finally, they illustrate the song.

Pass Me By

Age: Teens

The activities proposed for the song “PASS ME BY” are the ones below:

OPTION 1: The activity suggested here relies entirely on the video, therefore the lyrics are not found here. It comes down to a writing activity which goes like this: First, students will engage into a conversation about their friends and the activities they usually do together. After that, they watch the video (with no sound) and answer some questions provided by the teacher. Finally, they write about a trip they took with their peeps.

OPTION 2: Students put some biographical information together and talk about the band. Then, they are introduced to the vocabulary necessary to understand the lyrics. After that, they listen to the song and put it in the order they hear them. Finally, they write down the new words and their definitions.

Welcome To My Life

Age: Teens

“WELCOME TO MY LIFE” is a song teenagers will definitely relate to. It´s great for the topic Social Pressures. The objective of the activity proposed here is engage students into a discussion by using the vocabulary learned. First, they list the difficulties they have been experiencing as teens and share them with a peer. After that, they listen to the song and say whether they relate to it or not. Then, they listen again and find 10 differences (synonyms for the language used in the lyrics.) In the end, students write a reply to the author.

June Afternoon

Age: Teens & Adults

“JUNE AFTERNOON” is a fun song about the summer and great to be used for the topic Seasons.

OPTION 1 (Teens): First, students brainstorm the word “summer”. Then, they listen to the song and check whether the words they brainstormed appear in it. After that, they answer a few questions on the topic and finally, they illustrate the song.

OPTION 2 (Adults): First, students brainstorm the word “summer”. Then, they listen to the song and fill in some blanks with rhyming words. After that, they answer a few questions on the topic and finally, they list the new words in order of difficulty.

OPTION 3: (Teens & Adults) Students write about what summer is like where they live.

A Foggy Day

Age: Adults

The song “A FOGGY DAY” is an excuse to engage students into writing about a city they know. It can easily be adapted to any other song for this purpose. First, they list three places they would like to visit and then they share their list with a peer and explain their choices. After that, they listen to the song and find out how the author feels about this particular city. Next, they engage into a guided writing task, in which they will be reminded of the three parts of a paragraph and finally engage into a writing task.

All About That Bass

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The song “ALL ABOUT THAT BASS” fits like a glove when the topic is Self-Image. You can also practice Should and Ought to. The activity suggested here is simple. First, students list all kinds of pressure we experience throughout life. Then, they listen to the song and guess which pressure the author is talking about. After that, they talk for some minutes and decide whether the song has a positive or a negative message. Finally, they use their creativity and talent as “pretend magazine writers” and write an article about positive self-image using should and ought to.


Age: Adults

The song “CRYING” can be used to engage students into a discussion on Breaking up and also focus on the Simple Past.

OPTION 1: First,  students work on a puzzle to find the past form of the verbs in the song. Then, they listen to the song and fill in the blanks with the verbs found in the puzzle. Finally, they fill in a chart with the verbs in order to consolidate the past form.

OPTION 2: First, students talk for some minutes about Breaking up. Then, they listen to the song and find out who ended the relationship. Finally, assuming the song is a letter, they write a reply to it.