The activities proposed here contain a BEFORE LISTENING task, a WHILE LISTENING task and an AFTER LISTENING task and can be used to wrap up a lesson, so it´s advisable that the students have had some practice on the topic covered in the activity. In case time is an issue, feel free to eliminate one slide or two in the power point presentation or skip one task or another in the student´s sheet. What you are going to focus on will also depend on the level of your students. If they are advanced students, they will be able to engage in discussions whereas beginner students will feel more comfortable and perform better if they work on vocabulary and grammar. Bottom line, how you´re going to conduct the activities will depend entirely on the students you have.

IMPORTANT: The activities proposed here aim to offer you “ideas” on how to use songs, which is why you will find very few songs in certain categories. Remember, you don´t necessarily need to use these songs in particular, but you can adapt the activities to the songs of your choice.


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